Apart from a 30W EL34 pushpull amplifier that I sold before having finished building it, this is my first experience from tubes. I bought a readybuilt Heathkit valveamplifier kit for a penny. There were some problem with hum and noise so I butchered it and turned it into a pure poweramplifier using only the ECL86-tubes. This was my primary domestic amplifier, considering the 7-8W enough for me.

Coming home from a week in Hungary, I found the amp slightly damaged - the kids had managed to ruin a few tubes, so I cut it in pieces, using the the transformers elesewhere. I even got a an offer and sold the transformers to someone in need for a repair of a similar amp.

There are no (good) photos left so I just leave a written statement that it was after all a very good amplifier.


Heathkit AA32