2019-02-26. Finally updated!

I haven't ben caring to write too much details as many of the projects are still "in the tube". But write me a line and I can maybe give some answers.
Have to sort all stuff (tubes, transformers and other components) that I want to sell. Next project!

Preamplifier SE-amplifier PP-amplifier SolidState Headphone Amp Loudspeaker Misc
6N3P (ECC85) b 2A3 b 6AQ5 r 2SK1058 Hybrid b EAR++ s Allegro NG8/NG8B f Anushri synth f
AML+ s 2C39A p 6L6 b Hiraga Monster s KS572 f Bn2 on a shoestring r CDROM b
BHL RIAA f 6AQ5 s 6N6P s PAM amps f,p,b Silicon Chip b fONKEN f DAC b
Blue Velvet 6BM8 STC p 50CA10 - MQ60 p Leach p P7, simple amp f Unorthodox 2-way f EFA computer b
Elektor SRPP r 6F3P p 5902PP b SymAsym p JSDZ amp b Sonido horn f Linuphone b
Grounded Grid 1 b 6P1 b Currawong - 6L6 b T-Amp b Various Russian Designs TangBand f Soundlab synth b
Grounded Grid 2 b 6SN7 PSE b Hybrid p China 50W b Peter Milletts Nu-Hybrid f Bamboo Nixie clocks f, b
Mu-follower p 6T9 s EL84 s     Sonido SWR069 Opto volume s
Octal 6 f 6V6 p Heathkit AA32 s     Dayton Audio PS95-8 PSU's f+p
PAS-3 r 12B4A s Past Audio M3 f       Psychtone p
PGA2311 b 50CA10 s Priboj r       Remotes
Remus s 807 s Stealth f       MFOS Sequenzer p
Nutube Buffer 829 SE s 832 PP p       Theremin b
Zero Dist Preamp 5902 Kolibri b 6V6 PP b       VU-meter
  5998A + 5998PSE f+b         USB-DAC
  6550 SE s         MFOS Noise Toaster
  APPJ - Chinese         Modifying a MOOG MG-1 Concertmate
  Darlings b         Renovating a Polivoks synth
  EL156 s         A modular synthesizer
  GU50 s         PE 128 Note Sequencer
  GU72 Monoblock p         Transcendent T2000
  Matrix s          

f = finished/working, b = under construction, s = scrapped, p = planned, r =rebuilt



Updated 26/2-2019

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