6L6 PP

A life-long project that has been in and out, been working actually once (see schematic 2 - Ming Da MC34B.
Started looking for a "better" schematic as I wanted full power from the tubes i e more that 20W/ch. Came up with some candidates but decided that the first design looked simple and cool enough and a sort of hybrid with a phasesplitter made up of the input tubes and a CCS.

Many pictures shows the Ming Da version built, but there's a few pics of a small PC board with transistors. That was from an idea found in British journal ETI, se below. Never tried it though.

I've got several sets of tubes for this amp, Chinese 6L6, Russian 6P3S-E and a quartett CV1075. There may be Russian 6P3S too. The 6P3S-E are the ones with no plastic base.





ETI Hybrid EL34