I brought this project with me from Russia, translated the article I had found in the Audio journal where it had been published and some effort to have it published in Swedish journals - but in vain. It is like a curse. If it is Russian it is very interesting but ... I have tried to sell a pair of Russian built monoblocks (60W) and, yes they are mighty, they sound very good, but they are Russian and therefore in a way "priceless", meaning even a dollar, a pound or an euro is too much. To publish something from Russia "Cheap, supersounding headphoneamp" is maybe interesting, but we have an article about a Japanese preamp made up by a unique $5000-valve ...

Anyhow, what struck me when I projected the Elektor SRPP-amp, struck me here as well: no need for a phono-amp. I simply cout out the phonostage, not considering the fact that the pentode was a substantial part of the differental-stage, but it worked. I haven't tried to make the adjustments - I am too lazy for that. I don't think that could solve the two major problems I have: a slight hum at high listener levels and a transformer running hot.

Again the use of satin to cover old faults and holes.

Component list/Komponentlista
R1 47K, ½W, (1%) R21 1K8, 2W
R2 110K, 1W, (1%) R22 1M2, 1W
R3 2K2, 1/2W R23 240K (A)
R4 56K, 1W R24 22K (B)
R5 68K, 1W R25 1K, 1/4W
R6 51K24, 1/2W, (1%) R26 1R, 2W
R7 1M, 1/4W
R8 47K, 1/2W C1 220uF/6.3V
R9 5M, 1/4W C2 2u2F/200V
R10 5K1, 2W C3 5n38 (1%)
R11 6K8, 1/2W C4 1n802n (1%)
R12 20K (A) C5 2u2F/200V
R13 51R, 1/2W C6 100uF/350V
R14 2K2, 2W C7 100uF/200V
R15 2K2, 2W C8 2u2F/400V
R16 2K, 2W C9 800uF/400V
R17 820R, 1W
R18 5K1, 2W L1 6ZJ32P/EF86
R19 51R, 1/2W L2 6N6P
R20 22K, 1/2W


Component list/Komponentlista
15 kohm, ½W
100 uF/400V
1 H