6V6 SE

Good friends of ours sent me a package of great tubes from Russia. Most of them were Western equivalents like 6P6S= 6V6. Other tubes were 6L6, ECL86, 6N1/2/3P etc. I really got a desire to get started using the tubes in any kind of amplifier
On he other hand, I had my old NOS tubes - 12B4A, 6AQ5 etc - and felt I had to finish planned projects for those tubes.
But I finally came to the descision to use my Russian tubes in a simple SE amplifier, and the one that seemed most simple and also most intriguing was a 6V6 SE-amp with transformer as a cathode load.

Besides, I saw this design first time in Audio Anthology , Vol 1.





Some scrapped material hooked up to thest the cathode-coupled amp. 


A first idea of monoblocks - scrapped!

And oulines for a more serious attempt.