50CA10 SE

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I got the crazy idea of making me a Luxman clone but reconsidered as some of my tubes broke, but now I am standing with transformers that will do a great job and the GU50's that was intended as a replacement in the chassis, suddenly may end up in my Priboi, so there's a big chance I will revive the Luxman project.


This can be one of my most interesting projects. I have come to like single ended amplifiers as they are so simple to construct. Besides they have the nice potential of sounding great as well.

Normally people aim at DHT - directly heated triodes - like 300B, 811, 2A3 etc. There are not really that many indirectly heated triodes but a few can be found like 6C33C, 12B4(A), 6AS7G and a heap of Russian triodes.

The 50CA10 is a triode used in many of Luxman's amplifiers. With a Panode of 30W it could be useful in a SE-amp giving some 7-8W.

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