Soundlab Synthesizers

Sadly, Ray Wilson of MFOS, died a few years ago after struggling with cancer. Ray and his many synthesizer stuff was so great for us amateurs as they gave so many possibilities yet were cheap and simple to construct. Ray also, so is his ancestors doing, offered PCBs and some hard-to-find components from his website (se below).

My first project was the Soundlab, a very stripped down but complete synthesizer with VCO, Envelope Generator, VCA and VCF. Got the PCB and stuffed all components on it and appearantly did two version for the panel. The last version is the green one. It also has gotten a wooden box, but the work of connecting the PCB to the panel isn't even started.

What's worse is that I did get the PCB for the slightly bigger synthseizer, the Mark II and have so far just gotten the resistors soldered to the board. A lot left to do.

I did also had a PCB and a panel done for the 2x16/32-step sequenzer.