Past Audio M3 Monoblocks

In Autumn 1995 I met Anatolij Devichinsky, managing director and chief designer on Past Audio at his office north of the Finlandskij railwaystation in St Petersburg, Russian. My intention was to get a look at the company's tube amplifiers that recently had been adverticed in local audio journals and hopefulle get a chance to listen to them.
I got a possibility to listen and three months later I had bought a pair of the amplifiers. At that time Past Audio was the main producer of High End in Russia - approx 25 pairs of amplifiers were sold each month. Most of them went to a prosperous market in Moscow but some went abroad tp Framce, Engalnd, Austria, Norway and even HongKong.
Past Audio also produced a preamplifier with a MM/MC-input and a passive "preamp" (commutator) along with a mains filter and a loudspeaker commutator.
Successively the company enhanced their models and released versions of the amplifier with 6 and 8 tubes, with balanced input and started to use EL34 in a model capable of utputting 120W, and a trioded version giving 50W with an outpot impedance close to zero.

The nickname "Black Shark" came from the colour and the appearance - long and slender, like the Russian attack helicopter used in Afganistan.

When I, recently, wanted to check the amps - I know one had a bad connection somewhere - I accidently managed to power one up before attaching a load. That may have caused some damage, or some LOT of damaged. Have to take a thorough look some day.




6L6GB/GC 6
E88CC/6922 4
OB2 1
Pout at 3kHz and 3% THD
THD by 1kHz
50W 0,6%
5W 0,1%
,5W 0,04%
,05W 0,04%
Frequence response at -3dB and 1W
,6 - 140.000 Hz
Powerbandwidth at -3dB
7 - 130.000 Hz
-91 +8dB
Output Impedance
1,5 ohm
unbalanced 1V/19 kohm
PSU capacity
LUX-7 140J
Dimensions (w/o packing mtrl)
BxHxD 217x180x458mm
Weight (each)
Power consumption
Mains voltage
AC 230V/50Hz
Input connections
XLR-jacks (Cannon)