Luxman MQ60 clone

This became to be my prestige project. I had tested the 50CA10 tubes in an SE-amp, and managed later to lay my hands on a substantial number of that pretty unobtainable tube, enough for a push-pull amp.
Being lazy, I had no other plan but to copy the Luxman MQ60, though I run into various versions, but I see no problems picking one of the designs (the one with the "best" tubes).

The pictures below show two different chassis. I started out with one made of wooden sides and coppertop, but this one has become the home of a 6L6-PP amp. Instead I got a Hammond aluchassis of approx the same dimensions as the original MQ60.

Transformers are bought, and so are tubes but thtat has been a very special story and I still have to check the tubes and see if they are working or not. I guess matching is even a lesser option ...
About transformers. The mains trainsformer is ordered according to the data of the original Luxman transformer and the output transformers are "off the shelf" from somewhere, propably Germany.







MQ-60 Modification


Luxman MQ60

Luxman KMQ60

Tube 50CA10

Tube 50CA10 data

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