MOOG MG-1 Concertmate Synthesizer

This machine was in pretty good shap when I bought it on eBay.

It had the usual flaw - the black crap behind the panel and the main board to keep dust out. After several years it had turned into flock AND a black and sticky goo.

First measure was to remove the yuck, scrape it away from potentiometers and switches and get everything together ... or??

I wanted to make a few adjustments to the back panel: installing an IEC connector and a 2-pol switch, which required some work with drills and a file. Hooking up the mains tranny for 230V was an other important issue - the MG-1 was bought in USA.

But what if I looked for new fresh potentiometers in case the goo had gotten into them ...
New fine potentiometers ordered and installed - time to close the chassis ....

The RCA-connectors for in- and output was also a nice object for changes. Installed 6,3mm phone connectors as they are more standard.

How about getting some new switches too, just in case?!

And while I am still at, why not have a look at the possible modifications that can be done. The filter can be restored to the original Moog-filter, a sustain-potentiometer can be installed, noice IC be replased with a real noise source etc.








Service Manual