To solve a problem that maybe often isn't a problem, I got myself a DAC to hang on a USB-cable. I am not the kind that think that anything ripped and stored in the computer need a USD 500 DAC in order to sound good when replayed. The SB built into the computer's motherboard is OK - I think!
But in the rare case I end up with music in a PC without a SB, I'd better have a DAC for USB.

This was supposed to be akit, but as the Belgian company didn't have any kit-kits, they sent me this finished one with the same price-tag as a kit. That was great!

I cannot recall who sold it to me, but that the company or person was from Belgium. On the other hand, looking at the PCB tells us that is DAC is almost vintage - 2005!

I was checking my favourite sources just and there are plenty of kits from eBay and AliExpress available. Different models and prices from low to OUCH!