This project started ages ago, before my very and last thorougly selected LPs were stolen. The EE SRPP amplifier is a rather simple amplifier, that is, if you skip the relay-controlled options and the PSU. Few components and and a straightforward design makes it a suitable "beginners project".

When, as I just wrote, my LPs were stolen the need for a RIAA-stage was suddenly dropped and I could start making something out of it. First I made a plan to house it in an old cabinet intended for another (unknown) amplifier project.

After some (!!!!) rethinking and replanning I remade the amplifier totally. I housed it on an aluminium-sheet which I covered with a piece of an nice fabric. This was also done to cover some holes done in the alu-sheet. The idea was to make a wooden box, but I didn't get that far and by now I am almost prepared to buy a new box from Hammond and remake the amp totally.

After yet more rethinking and replanning I purchased a Hammondbox (love those) and started to rebuild the stuff from the beginning.

Now the amp is retired as I have no need for a high gain, high output preamplifier. Besides SRPP is not a principle that is know to generate good sonic results. Besides the Octal6 serves me much better and if I want to have possibility to change the volume it is easy to add a potentiometer to any power amp.








zur Linde SRPP Preamp

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Mapletree Audio Design, Octal 6 Preamplifier