6AQ5 is the little sister of 6BQ5. It's a smallish but still powerful tube with a 7-pin socket. There's also a Russian version for noval sockets - 6P1P.
In this case I just wanted to build a very small amplifier using whatever parts I had gotten at home. I think the output transformers were from a guy in Malaysia and the mains transformer bought for another project from, a nice webshop with lots of fun stuff for tubeholics.

So where do this project stand today? Well, I think the small aluminium sheet with transformers and tube sockets still exists somewhere, but I have also bought a simple kit from China and will house that one in a chassis that has been my favourite for some 30 years. Many projects have been planned for this chassis but so far, this is the one that will be installed. so I have to install a new transformer and have a look at the PSU. Think I had some hum.