After scrapping my Heathkit (ECL86), I decided to reuse the transformers and picked after another PP-project that never left the ground. The 6AQ5/EL90 are small and nice tubes. Just wonder if it is true what people often claim, that tubes like EL34/6CA7, EL84/6BQ4 and EL90/6AQ5 are more "musical" than many other tubes. I even heard that those tubes were made for musical applications.
In this case I just wanted to build a small, a bit powerful amplifier using whatever parts I had gotten at home - a mains tranny from a scrapped Heathkit amplifier, a pair of Edcor XPP-transformers and a schematic from Frank Nachbaur that gave a pretty little amplifier. The schematics had been lurking on my HDD for some time. Design is from late Frank Nachbaur, and is very simple and, in spite of the unconconventional use of a triode-pentode, have a nice sonic signature.

So where do this project stand today? Well, the Heathkit tranny was sold together with the output transformers that went with it, so I have to install a new transformer and have a look at the PSU. Think I had some hum too. Will look in my drawers for a new transformer.